The Fellowship Experience

The Bronfman Youth Fellowships in Israel (BYFI) is a network of over 1,100 diverse young Jews from North America and Israel who contribute their talents and vision to the Jewish community and the world at large.

  • BYFI is an educational journey for promising North American high school juniors, including an all-expense-paid five week seminar in Israel and two seminars in New York.
  • BYFI is an educational journey for Israeli juniors, including seminars in Israel and an all-expense-paid two week seminar in North America.
  • BYFI is an alumni community of over 1,000 young Jews in Israel and America who are continuing to explore the meaning of their Jewish identity and act upon it in diverse ways.
  • BYFI is a community that supports each other in life, learning, and new ventures, most notably through our Alumni Venture Fund.
  • BYFI is a program that spans and connects the North American and Israeli Jewish communities and celebrates the diversity of Jewish life within them.