Celebrating Edgar M. Bronfman's Life and Legacy with Communal Learning

“True learning comes from engaging in discourse with those who are profoundly different. Your mind may not be swayed, but the interaction should open up your eyes. The ability to broaden our vision moves us forward into a powerful Jewish future where we challenge each other in exploring difficult questions. Challenging what I believe has been one of the great joys on my life, especially when I don’t come to the expected answers.”- Edgar M. Bronfman
Remembering Edgar M. Bronfman: Resources for a community tribute
Join us in remembering Edgar Bronfman on his yahrzeit this January 9th, as we launch an Edgar Bronfman Tribute Shabbat over Shabbat Parashat Shemot. As alumni and faculty of BYFI we hope you will take the time to write or speak about Edgar's impact on your life and/or Edgar's story as a leader.
Whether or not you have a regular practice of reflecting on the weekly Torah portion, whether or not you have a pulpit or blog to share your thoughts, we encourage you to take up this challenge and experiment with studying the weekly Torah portion. We invite you to be creative and link the text to your life in whatever way is most meaningful to you, whether through text, art, music, or even sharing a story at your Shabbat Table. Torah study and sharing insights about Torah elicited passion from Edgar and he would be honored by this communal gesture.
To help jumpstart your creative process, we’d like to share some of the texts most cited in Edgar Bronfman’s books & conversations.