Project Zug Partnership

The Bronfman Fellowship is thrilled to partner with Project Zug to offer online Hevruta learning for free to the entire Bronfman community.

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Find a study partner for this online learning platform designed by Mechon Hadar. One of their newest courses is titled “How To Question Authority” and was crafted by Rabbi Avi Killip to be a complementary course to Edgar M. Bronfman’s z”l book, Why Be Jewish. All members of the Bronfman community are invited to take this or any other Project Zug course for FREE through March 2018 thanks to sponsorship from The Samuel Bronfman Foundation.


Project Zug seeks to connect Jews across the world with each other - and with Jewish tradition - through weekly one-to-one paired (havruta) learning.

Their Vision: Within 10 years, Project Zug will connect 5,000 Jews every year, from all over the world, for studying, connection, and building a greater sense of Jewish peoplehood.

Project Zug:

  • Matches each participant with an appropriate partner

  • Provides highest-quality content through curated study sheets and videos on a wide variety of topics

  • Connects Israelis, Americans and Jews around the world, secular and religious, to bridge gaps in the Jewish world

  • Offers a low per-person cost that builds real relationships through substance

Unique Advantages of Project Zug:

  • A platform that connects Jews everywhere through substantive Jewish learning

  • Participants meet on their own schedule

  • Scalable model: course materials can be used an infinite number of times

  • Unlike most internet learning, the content is designed to build relationships, not a broadcast of information

  • 1-1 model keeps participants responsible to each other and builds deep connections

How does it work?

  • Courses are either 4 or 10 sessions in length

  • Each learning session offers a study sheet with questions, designed to be learned in 30-45 min

  • Study can be done online through video chat, or in person

  • Each course features 4 short, high quality videos of the instructor offering background and framing for the learning

  • Participants can register to learn with a particular person, or let us find them a good match

Project Zug offers courses on a wide variety of topics, from the songs of Leonard Cohen, to Jewish philosophy, to social justice. Explore their courses, and see sample handouts here.