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  • Past AVF Projects

    …the following years. Update: Re’em intended to travel to the Kumasi South Hospital in Ghana, where he planned to train local doctors to use the Ultrasound Care of Point tool….

  • Photo Gallery

    30 years of The Bronfman Fellowship Some of the best pics from the last 30+ years of The Bronfman Fellowship! 49 Photos Group photos, 1987-present Group photos of every Bronfman cohort…

  • Current AVF Grantees

    …about it here.) Nadav Penn (Amitei Bronfman ’03): “Transitions” exhibition, Mazo Gallery Mazo Gallery is an independent space for culture and art that was established at the end of 2021…

  • The Bronfman Fellowship Announces Its 35th Cohort

    …journalists, successful filmmakers (including a Tribeca Film Festival winner), political advisers to Members of Knesset, members of elite IDF units and university lecturers.     About The Bronfman Fellowship The…

  • The Bronfman Fellowship Announces Its 37th Cohort

    …filmmakers (including a Tribeca Film Festival winner), political advisers to Members of Knesset, members of elite IDF units and university lecturers.     About The Bronfman Fellowship The Bronfman Fellowship,…

  • The Bronfman Fellowship Announces Its 36th Cohort

    …ranked rower who has participated in the Head of the Charles race in Boston; the founder of BookTurn, which enables underprivileged children to build a personal library; and a writer…

  • Reasons to Give

    …challenging and existentially engaging. *In 2020, the summer Fellowship took place virtually due to COVID-19; in 2021, it took place domestically. Q: Can you break down the Fellowship’s budget for…

  • Virtual Museum

    …articles about our tradition of innovation, to our series of Bronfmanim magazines, we hope these materials give you deeper insight into the workings of and driving forces behind this one-of-a-kind Fellowship. Alumni Book List    Photo Gallery

  • The Bronfman Fellowship Launches a Silent Auction in Honor of Its 36th Anniversary

    …‘94 – Short play about YOU, written by Tony Award winner Itamar Moses Marta Weiss ‘91 – Private tour at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London Asya Zlatina ‘04…

  • The Bronfman Fellowship Announces Its 36th Application Season

    …Inspired by a stellar faculty of Rabbis and educators, Fellows explore a wide range of Jewish texts, from classic religious works to contemporary poetry and philosophy, using these sources to…